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 If you commit to the process, you will become the person you have always dreamed of being.

The PR Training App

The only training app you need to improve your health and performance. All members get access to all 3 training plans (Aesthetics, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Endurance) to follow based on your specific goals. Exercise demo videos and coaching notes are included to provide you with the tools you need to succeed on your own. Stop guessing and start training.

Starting at $19.99/month

Personal Training

The name says it all. Training is personal and specific to your fitness goals, lifestyle, and needs. Unique plans are created just for us to execute together. Training is available in-person or virtual.

In-person training is offered at Solace New York or at your apartment building, for your convenience.

Generally speaking, you should plan for around $150 per session, depending on the package size you purchase. If that;s not in the budget no problem! You don't need a trainer to have a good workout. Access our extremely cheap, extremely extensive, and extremely excellent workout app here.

Small Group Training

Small group training presents the opportunity for you to experience the benefits of accountability and eyes on coaching while lowering the financial entry point.

Price varies based on group size: 2-4 people

Custom Programming

I highly encourage checking out the PR Training App if you're looking for remote programming. It is the best bang for your buck! However, if you feel like you have a unique goal and need the extra accountability then this is for you. Custom plans are made for you based on your goals, lifestyle, and the equipment you have access to.


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