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Top 3 Training Plans For Results

PR Aesthetics

  • Build Muscle

  • Avoid Burnout

  • Improve Physique

  • Increase Strength

  • 4-5 days per week

  • ~45-60 min, sessions

This is the most popular training plan on the PR Performance Training app. Why? Because the results have been amazing and who doesn't want to look good? Instead of a traditional training split, you hit full-body every day. Continue reading for the science behind it.

PR Power Endurance

  • Build Muscle

  • Shatter Plateaus

  • Improve Power Output

  • Increase Work Capacity

  • 5 days per week

  • ~60-75 min. sessions

This is by far the most unique training plan on the fitness market today. A true hybrid athlete program for those who like to run fast, lift heavy, learn new skills, and surprise others - or themselves - with what they can do. While following well-thought-out progressions each day is new, challenging, and fun.

PR Olympic Weightlifting

  • Build Muscle

  • Set Personal Records (PR's)

  • Improve Technique

  • Increase Strength

  • 5 days per week

  • ~60-75 min. sessions

This program contains technique drills and strength-building exercises to improve your clean & jerk and snatch faster than anything else out there. Guaranteed! If you're new to Olympic Lifting, this will build your foundation or if you're an experienced lifter this will take you to the next level. Either way, you're walking into the gym knowing exactly what to do to get better.

The Science Behind Full Body Training

Not only is a full-body training split fun but it is now backed by science. A recent study conducted by Zaroni et al.(2018) illustrates the difference in muscle growth between a full-body split and a traditional split above. The full-body training split (in blue) resulted in SIGNIFICANTLY more muscle mass. Keep in mind, that the 2 groups used in the study did the exact same amount of sets and reps, for the same length of time (12 weeks), with the same diet! So, WHY does full body work so much better than everything else out there!?

  1. Doing just 1 exercise per body part, per session, gives you the opportunity to have more intensity in the gym! Not just per exercise, but also per training session! Imagine how much stronger you would be doing just 1 leg exercise per session versus 5 movements in the same session.

  2. You get less sore! Having less soreness allows you to workout harder and have more motivation to show up and be consistent!

  3. Higher frequency training like full body splits is more efficient! You get more bang for your buck on time in the gym whereas, traditional splits have actually been shown to have high correlations to overtraining. Interested in seeing what a full-body training plan looks like? Check out the PR app for free and get access to all 3 training plans. 1,000+ workouts and counting at this point. Claim your 7-day no-risk free trial below.

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