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Supplements & Free Core Workouts

I hope you're having a great Fall and enjoying all things pumpkin spice! Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, I'm sure you have asked yourself, someone else, or the internet "what supplements should I be taking?" First off, supplements don't work unless you do. Start off by building a consistent workout routine and then worry about supplements. If we think of our bodies as a car, the engine is our training and the gasoline is our nutrition and supplements to fuel performance. Better the fuel, better the performance. However without an engine, the car isn't going to go anywhere, no matter how good the fuel is. The same applies to our fitness goals if we don't workout so focus on your training first. After focusing on the basics discussed in October's Newsletter and establishing a consistent workout routine you can start to think about supplements. Now going back to the original question of "what supplements should I be taking?" the answer is always "depends on your goals." But whether your goals are performance, aesthetic, or longevity focused, supplements can and should be utilized.

Post Workout Protein Shake Protein is the most important macronutrient that you consume everyday and it is the building block for your body. Consuming enough protein on a daily basis from whole foods can be a challenge for most so having whey protein as a post workout shake can help supplement your diet and contribute to the success of your goals. Performance Reasons - You're breaking down your muscles when training so the faster you can repair them the better. Whey Protein is a fast digestive protein that speeds up the recovery process and keeps you performing day after day. Aesthetics Reasons - Fat loss and weight loss are two different things. It sounds obvious but fat loss is losing fat and weight loss is losing weight, which can be fat, water, muscle etc. To ensure you're losing fat and building lean muscle mass, adequate amounts of protein are necessary. Longevity Reasons - Aging is inevitable. As you age, your muscle mass decreases so consuming more protein can help you age with strength instead of becoming weak and frail. You can consume enough protein from whole foods but for the reasons above, I take Phormula-1 Whey Protein right after every single workout. I would never recommend something I don't take myself but I believe in what the brand stands for and it's the best tasting and highest quality protein. My favorite flavor is chocolate but what's great is 1st Phorm offers 110% money back guaranteed if you're unhappy with your flavor or purchase. So zero risk to you. They also have plant based as an option if that is your thing.

Creatine Creatine is for your performance driven athletes and while there is a lot of controversy around creatine it is the most scientifically studied supplement to be proven safe and effective. Creatine floods your muscles with energy, promotes nutrient uptake, and hydrates muscle tissue. It improves athletic performance drawing in nutrients to repair post training too. To simply put it, creatine hydrates the muscle and a hydrated muscle is a healthy muscle and a healthy muscle is a high performing muscle. I mix 5 grams of creatine in my post workout protein shake every training day.

Meal Replacement Protein This protein powder delivers sustained assimilation meaning it is taking on the same profile and replicating the protein we consume in whole foods. It is for anytime of the day and can be used to replace a meal, supplement a meal, or be an additional meal but I drink it in the mornings as an extra meal. Since it's Fall and I'm basic, I put the pumpkin spice latte flavor in my coffee and it helps me hit my daily protein goal for all of the reasons why listed above. You can also make protein waffles, pancakes, muffins, bars, etc or just drink it as a shake to ensure you're getting enough protein on a regular basis. If you're looking for a post workout protein, Phormula-1 (above) is for you. If you're looking for an anytime protein to supplement your diet, Level-1 (this one) is for you 4 Week Core Challenge I hate to break it to you but this isn't some shortcut to getting abs. That goal still requires a clean diet and hard work. However, the program is designed to bridge the gap between aesthetics and performance with a balance of stability and strength exercises. All workouts are between 8-12 minutes long and are intended to be completed after your main workout of the day. Only 2 days require equipment and all other days are bodyweight exercises. You can download the PDF from my website or you can follow along the guided videos in the link above. The guided videos are for you to be able to follow along at your own pace and know how each workout/movement is performed. These workouts are challenging but capable for all fitness levels! Follow along 5 days a week, for 4 weeks, to build a strong and stable core. Share your results with me on instagram and tag me in your ab workouts!

This was a lot of information to throw at you but I hope this provides some clarity on basic supplementation, the role they play in your fitness journey, and I hope you enjoy the core workouts. Feel free to share with family and friends and stay tuned for next month. As always, reach out at anytime if you need anything!


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