How To Get Back On Track

Maybe you missed a day or two of training? Maybe you missed an entire week or more? Either way, you aren’t quite sure how to re-engage in training. The thought of being behind, makes you hesitate about where to jump back in.

This is completely understandable given the amount of progressive overload content. I even post about it occasionally so I'm not hating at all. The message is that you have to follow a well-thought-out progression each week in order to make gains. If your reps or weights aren’t going up then you aren’t going to make progress.

While this holds true, the reality is that life gets in the way for most people. If you miss a workout every now and then, or even a week of training, then you are among the majority. This message of unwavering consistency as the only way to get better can be overwhelming. Now, don’t get me wrong, progression and overload are VERY important, it's just not an all-or-nothing mentality.